Scents, Sex, & Sensuality

A 30 Day Exploration with Melissa Rae

During this exploration you’ll get to meet yourself wherever you are and I’ll be sharing my wisdom, tools and nuggets for integrating essential oils into your self care/self love practices. Whether you already have a devoted, deep connection with your sensuality or you don’t even know what that word means- you’re here for a reason. You’re being called to something expansive, something nurturing and something exciting.

This 30 Day Exploration is for the woman who:

  • Is curious to explore new aspects of herself
  • Is open to (re)awakening her senses
  • Is ready to (re)discover her joy, pleasure & happiness
  • Craves MORE out of her life
  • Wants more laughter and play in her life
  • Is ready to shed layers of herself that no longer serve her

The Benefits Of Participating:

  • Dive deeper into your aligned selves
  • Anchor your beliefs 
  • Release the emotions that hold you back
  • Shift your vibration to a higher frequency 
  • Generate higher vitality within yourself

The design of this exploration allows you to integrate at whatever stage you’re at, and I’m here to support you through all of it. You are not in this alone sister!


Small & intimate group of aligned women


30 Day Exploration into Scents, Sex & Sensuality


This adventure takes flight August 1st


Virtually! We’ll have 3 Live Group Calls via Zoom (recordings available) 
+ Private Group Access 

+ Resources, Prompts & Exercises from Yours Truly :-)


To dive into new depths
To expand our horizons
To reach new peaks
To explore the adventure that is ourselves

How to Participate:

We’ll be using 3 products by Young Living during this exploration:

  • Gratitude Essential Oil Blend
  • Sensation Essential Oil Blend
  • Sensation Massage Oil  

If you'd like to participate in this exploration and you’re already a Young Living Member, but NOT in my Organization, simply sign up below, enter your Venmo/Paypal handle and I'll send you a payment request for $55. 

You'll also receive an email with all the details and next steps to get started with this exploration!