August 26

One Of The Best Kept Secrets To Success


Want to know one of the best kept secrets to success? Everyone is always searching for the “secret to success,” yet one of the best kept secrets isn’t actually a secret at all! It’s simply a choice. First, let me ask you who is someone you feel is successful? Can you think of what makes them different? How did they achieve all that success? One way to accelerate your path to success and the lifestyle you want is by working with a coach. This is the not-so-secret “secret” of the successful. People who achieve great success do so because they have a coach to keep them on track and keep them accountable. A coach sees things you cannot and helps you overcome what is in the way. 

Now, take a look at your own life: is there somewhere you could use a little support? Well I’m here to tell you there is an answer. Have you heard of the lifestyle framework called Oola before?  

If you haven’t heard of Oola, it’s short for Ooh-la-la . . . that feeling you get when you wake up happy, growing and looking forward to what life offers next. Oola is being in good health, a career that inspires you everyday and having fun along the way. It is having equally healthy finances, family and friends who support you. Now that’s living the Oola Life.

Now that you know the “secret,” how do you get this Oola life?

By using the Oola framework of course! Oola Coaching is life style framework that sets you up for success. It’s also the formula I discovered that has transformed not only my life, but the lives of more than a million people around the world.

My calling is helping people get their own OolaLife + all the successes it brings. . . whatever that means for you. As an Oola Coach, I challenge you to look at every area of your life, asking yourself, “what areas can I improve?” and “where do I need to calm the overwhelm?” Oola focuses on bringing balance and success to all major areas of your life: fitness, finances, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun.

Together we will follow a specific curriculum, but also:

•  Determine specific action steps to help you achieve your goals (lets face it, if you can’t take one step each day you’ll just dance in circles like I once did)

•  Help you sort through opportunities that arise from your forward momentum (hello opportunity overwhelm)!

•  Keep you focused on your top priorities while fitting in daily tasks (this is the key to “having it all”)

•  Achieve balance in your life while still accomplishing your big goals

If I can continue traveling the world, kite surfing and saying yes to every adventure while growing my dream business and life- you can too, so let me show you how…

Ready to create your dream life?

Remember, there is no secret to being successful. It’s simply a choice to work with a coach to keep you on track. Click HERE to work with me over the next 10 weeks and together let’s create your Oola life!  

Did you know our modern-day culture has brought us to living over-scheduled and overworked? Maybe you can relate. Do you have overwhelming debt? Is your marriage/relationship on life support? Are there time bandits that leave little to no room for family, friends, or fun?

Well you’re not alone and luckily, there’s a solution.

Based on the bestselling book series, Oola: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World. The Oola process is what I teach my clients because it quickly lowers stress and creates a life of purpose, success and satisfaction. So, here is a little sneak preview on the 7 “secrets” to achieving life balance that we use in Oola. 

The 7 Secrets To Achieving Life Balance: 

Fitness: Eliminating substances that bog you down and emphasizing what elevates you. Which brings about mental clarity, confidence and energy needed to focus on goals in the other 6 areas of your life.

Finance: Reducing debt and the accompanying stress it brings until you’ve eliminated it all together. This allows your personal finances to become routine where monthly budgeting, auto-saving for retirement, and planning major purchases are the norm. Trust me, this isn’t as boring as it sounds- Oola makes finances so fun- I promise. 🙂

Family: If you’re not working on your marriage, you’re working on your divorce. Additionally, we focus on your inner circle in order to eliminate drama therefore creating a safe environment to grow.

Field: Studies show up to 70% of people hate their jobs. If that describes you, creating a plan to safely transition into a new role (or new field entirely) is key to finding balance.

Faith: While I don’t tell clients what to believe, having an active faith walk keeps you balanced. A few examples include: prayer, meditation time, church affiliation, and having a spiritual community to rely on. 

Friends: Friends influence our life, career and relationship decisions, so “reverse-engineering” the friendships you want is crucial. And friends who create drama? You’ll decide whether to have a necessary conversation or simply unfriend, unfollow, delete.

Fun: Adding everyday fun and bigger “bucket list” trips and experiences not only adds to the joy of life, it delivers physiological benefits such as lowering stress and beneficial human connection. Yet too many adults plan to wait until retirement. Fun is necessary.

The Secret: working with a coach on 7 Key Areas- and that’s it 

Pretty simple right? Nothing complex or overly complicated. Even the kiddos can follow the Oola process. 

I promise it is possible for you! Achieving a life of vibrant good health, ample finances, and supportive relationships is what I help clients with. Contact me to start working on your 7 areas and getting the life you dream of and deserve in just 10 short weeks!

© 2019 Oola LLC. All rights reserved. Portions © 2019 Success Resources International Inc. Reprinted with permission.


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