Meet Melissa Rae


My name is Melissa Rae, I am a holistic practitioner (and a globe trotting free spirit) who teaches principles of wellness, money, & sexuality in my favorite cities around the world.

I work with those who are ready for more. Who want to up level in the bedroom, in business, and on their boards. Who are looking to make the most of their moments and live in harmony with their radiant, turned on, expressed self. 

When we live life this way, everything is an adventure- from walking to the mailbox to summiting a mountain. The richness of life fills every cell of your being. 

Why This Path Chose Me

I've lived a wildly big and outrageous life, yet it's also come with some real lows I used to be oh so ashamed of. For example, at one point in my adventuring I'd spent every last dollar I had in order to stay living abroad as a nomad. I've also struggled with staying focused on one project long enough to see the momentum and reward come through. I'd try to budget, yet the excitement and thrill of the next adventure would be so strong I'd toss the budget right out the window... 

Through all of life's lessons I’ve learned to lean in, tap into my inner knowing and follow that desire to create this dream life of mine. I always knew I wouldn’t follow a conventional path and it’s taken me a long time to give myself approval in going another direction, often feeling so misunderstood for this yearning to live out my desires in a way that goes against conventional ways of living.  

Which is why I'm called to share my story, to share the life lessons I've been blessed to learn along the way. I'm here to help you learn to lean in, to trust your inner knowing and follow your own desire to create your own dream life. It's all about giving yourself permission, acting in pleasure and viewing the world through the eyes of possibility. 

Live the Oola Life

What does it mean to live an "Oola life?" Living an Oola life is living on your own terms. Writing your own rules and unplugging from societal norms. Living an Oola life means you're willing to look at your life from a new perspective and really allow your greatness to shine through you. 

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