What if everyday felt like a vacation? 

Can you imagine waking up each morning feeling excited, jazzed, and turned on about your life? 

Let me show you how to live your Oola life! 

Welcome to Connect with Mel

Hi! I'm Melissa Rae. I'm a holistic practitioner (and a globe trotting free spirit) who teaches principles of wellness, money, & sexuality in my favorite cities around the world. 

I've created a life I love- one filled with travel, connection and fun. Rooted in pleasure, expansion and possibility. It is my mission to share what I’ve learned along the way so that you too, can live your life on your terms.

Here at Connect With Mel you’ll find a variety of resources, teachings and principles to assist you on your journey. I’m honored to share my collection of wisdom, experiences and tools.

the mission

To transmit what I feel, know, experience & envision through adventure, travel & connection. 

the vision

To create a community who have entered the realm of possibility, where full expression of life flows. 

the life

To evoke your inner power through expression and vibrance, living a life that turns you on.

Living the Oola Life

Feeling overwhelmed these days?  

Oola is a custom lifestyle framework that is simple, practical and easy to implement. Together we'll focus on developing actual strategies, habits and systems that make life easier and more manageable.

Do you want a life that flows with ease, is fun as fvck and continues to get better and better? Click the button below to learn how to live your Oola life! 

Essential Oils with Melissa

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Burnt out? 

Well you're not alone and the good news- there is a solution! Learn how to create a toxic free life, a chemical-free home & body using all natural products that harness the power of nature. Small, simple everyday changes make a huge difference. 

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